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A Semester of Learning

2017 December 04. Monday.

I’m currently finishing up my third semester of classes at UKY. I’ve been a part time research assistant for Judy Goldsmith since I got here, and working for her has been rewarding; I got to see an idea turn into a draft turn into a paper turn into a presentation at a conference. Dr Goldsmith is about as caring an advisor I could imagine.

But I want to one day be an effective, impactful AI researcher. I think that requires a strong understanding of fundamental mathematics and computer science and I think getting that understanding requires dedicated learning-only time. So I’ve decided to temporarily leave research. I will return sometime in the second half of 2018. I’m only doing 12 hours of classes this spring.

I’m not going to layout specific goals because I’m not sure what I need to learn. Broadly, I want to go through a couple books, maybe go through a couple MOOCs, make software for others to use, and write blog posts for others to read.

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