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My current salad recipe

2017 February 12. Sunday.


  1. Go to Kroger (I recommend the one on Euclid) and buy red cabbage, carrots, broccoli, and kale. These are all long-lasting ingredients.
  2. Chop everything into bite-sized bits. I recommend you do the carrots as thin sticks rather than disks.
  3. Soak in a pot or bowl filled with water for twenty-four hours. You do this because the greens are typically dehydrated from sitting in the grocery store for days.
  4. Pour the water out and take the salad out by the handful. Each handful, shake it over the sink to get most of the water off. Put it in a pretty bowl.


  1. Go to Kroger and buy olive oil (not extra virgin), balsamic vinegar, and whole-seed mustard.
  2. Pour two tablespoons vinegar, two tablespoons mustard, and four tablespoons olive oil into a small jar. Put on the lid and emulsify. Add a few spoonfuls to each serving of salad as you serve it.

Public Domain Dedication.