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Acting Class 12

2016 October 23. Sunday.

What is this?

Notes on Wednesday’s acting class. Theatre 126. University of Kentucky. Fall 2016. Professor Matthew J Schneck. These incomplete notes are not endorsed or proofread by Prof S or UKY.

More Scene Redos

The twenty people in the class have been broken into ten pairs. Each pair was given a scene from a play to perform in class. Every pair has performed once so far. Today, four more pairs did their second run:

  1. Jada & Jenna were Catherine and Clair from Proof. Jada has started to find her angry side. Jenna was awesome, she wasn’t juust reading lines. Hard to not stop acting when you stop talking.
  2. Logan & Tanner were Eugene and Stanley from Brighton Beach Memoirs. Schneck drilled Logan on the “Seventeen dollars!?!” line. Was fun to see how he reacted and changed. I talked with him after, he thinks that the line doesn’t really fit in with the scene in the script. I think I agree, but he’ll figre it out and make it work. Tanner also learned to get angry today.
  3. Tiara & Caitlin were friends living in England. (I don’t know what play.) Tiara fell into the monotone trap. Caitlin was awesome. I want Tiara to get reall exaggerated. Maybe we could do stuff like we did with the poems.
  4. Lauren & Joe were Jeannie and Tom from Fat Pig. To me, it seemed like Lauren was in her own world as she spoke, rather than trying to get a reaction from Tom. She is sick so kind of out of it, so I bet she’ll have figured that out by Wednesday.

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