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Acting Class 11

2016 October 20. Thursday.

What is this?

Notes on Wednesday’s acting class. Theatre 126. University of Kentucky. Fall 2016. Professor Matthew J Schneck. These incomplete notes are not endorsed or proofread by Prof S or UKY.

Scene Redos

The twenty people in the class have been broken into ten pairs. Each pair was given a scene from a play to perform in class. Every pair has performed once so far. Today, three pairs did their second run:

  1. Chase & Summer did the bench scene from The Shape of Things by Neil Labute. They were awesome on run 1, even awesomer on run 2. They really knew their lines. Very real emotion from both. A treat to watch.
  2. Isabelle & Luke did the doctor’s office scene from the same play, it comes right after the bench scene. We were better but not great. I asked if we could perform extremely (yelling and crying), hoping we would escape monotone. Maybe it would ruin the first run but make the second much better. Schneck said okay, we did it, and it helped a lot. We need to learn our lines better though.
  3. Kayla & Devon acted out a scene I don’t know. In the scene, Devon tries to kiss Kayla on the cheek and she is weirded out. They are dating in real life, so I think Kayla possibly struggled to show unlove to Devon. They made their awkward moments work really well though, and Kayla got good training on how to hold a cigarette.

Public Domain Dedication.