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Two types of media

2016 October 18. Tuesday.

There are two categories of media, let’s call them C1 and C2.

Comics are in C1 but podcasts are in C2.

Can you guess what the categories are?

A novel is in C1 but a TV Show is in C2.

Any ideas?

A sculpture is in C1 but concert is in C2.

Are you catching on?

A poem is in C1 but a youtube video is in C2.

Please actually guess. Once you say it out loud, read my answer by highlighting it.

The difference is that the things in C2 don’t care whether or not you are paying attention. The concert keeps going even when you go to the bathroom. A novel on the other hand just sits there and waits to be read. It won’t get read without you there. C1 is dead, C2 is alive. When it comes time you want to consume, think about which category you need in that moment.

Thanks Seth.

Public Domain Dedication.