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The most-history heuristic

2016 October 13. Thursday.

Sometimes you need to choose which project to work on or which person to ask to spend time with. This is when you use the most-history heuristic.

The MHH works because it prevents hopping around. If you always add to whatever you have the most of, you will end up with a lot of a few things. 1 blog with 100 posts instead of 10 blogs each with 10 posts. Knowing one instrument well instead of just beginner songs on four different ones. A published paper with one professor instead of drafts and to-dos with five different ones.

You’ve heard the advice “try new things, get out of your comfort zone”. When someone tells you that, they’ve given you permission to ask the question “do I have better options?”. And if you are in the habit of asking that question, then you can’t take anything about your current life seriously.

Instead, ask the question “how can I make this work?”.

Public Domain Dedication.