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How to get your friend to do her work

2016 October 09. Sunday.

Ways to get your friend to do her work when she doesn’t feel like it. Make sure that you have permission to fill this role in her life. (I don’t like it when someone I haven’t given permission tries to get me to “go back to work”.)

The McDonalds Technique

Copying from Jon Bell.

If she can’t think of what to do next, try suggesting something that she dreads. When it works, she comes up with a better idea to ward off that one and then goes and does it.

“Ugh there’s nothing to do.”

“You could write that english paper.”

“Hmn I’ll do the WebAssign homework.”

Bring her with you

Go to a library together and each of you do your own work. Sometimes it works better if you can see each other’s screens. Other times that extra check is too much and gets in the way. If you are doing work that doesn’t need a screen, even better.

Opt-in to frequent updates

Sometimes I work better if I have someone acknowledging my achievements as I go. If you can’t be in the same physical place, then ask her to send you a text every fifteen minutes saying what she did. It’s embarassing to send a text saying you did nothing but eat corn chips for fifteen minutes.

Good luck!

Public Domain Dedication.