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Cooking with another

2016 October 07. Friday.

I like being with exactly one other person I don’t know very well and learning about him. While I am with with him, we are inherently doing something. Choosing right on what to do is important to making my time with him work.

Since I own a slackline, one option I have is to set it up and go slacklining with him. I think this is a pretty good option if he is into balancing.

If he’s not into balancing, here is another option…


If someone else is in your kitchen making a meal with you, there will be times when you choose whether to watch or to interfere.

The skill of knowing when to let him be and when to “fix” his technique is important and learned with time.

And so is the skill of teaching them the technique in a way that they do get it and don’t feel micro-managed.

If you have both of these skills, then cooking with you is a privelege. Invite someone over and bond.

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