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Car vs bike

2016 October 02. Sunday.

I pedal a bicycle. Luci drives a car. Sometimes I wish I had a car. Sometimes she wishes she rode a bike.

Why I want a car

I could go further on the weekend. Bowling Green is too far from Lexington to bike in a day. Right now if I want to visit Luci, I need to buy a greyhound ticket. That costs $60 (if I plan ahead) and is four to seven hours each way. Driving costs $25 in gasoline (with typical fuel efficency) and only takes two and a half to three hours.

Why she wants a bike

She would get a free workout whenever she ran errands. She would get a better feel for the town. She would be able to move quickly between campus buildings. She wouldn’t need to pay for insurance or gasoline.

If I had unlimited money, I would probably buy a car, just so I could easily go far places. I can survive on a bike though because I have the privilage of living in the middle of a biggish and warmish city.

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