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Different kinds of pens

2016 September 29. Thursday.

We spend lots of time writing with a pen. But how much do we know about pens?


The cheapest and most common one. Most clicky pens are ballpoint. There is a physical tiny metal ball at the end of the pen and it rolls around pulling the ink out of the tube and putting it on the page. Fails all the time.

Felt Tip

Like a thin sharpie, but the tip is a better material than that. Writes smoothly and dark, dries instantly, easy to handle. The main drawback is that they die fast, maybe one month expected lifetime.

Gel Ink

Gel ink is like felt tip but it doesn’t dry on the page at fast. Darker and more expressive than felt.

Roller Ball Pen

Like a ballpoint that doesn’t break all the time.

Fountain Pen

The oldest of all the pens. Expensive and hard to handle but looks super cool.

For a more thorough comparison see here.

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