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Arch linux so frustrating

2016 September 22. Thursday.

In the “When differenter might matter more than better” post, I mentioned that I had recently started using arch linux because I decided that the learning was worth the frustration of different software.

Is it though??

Today I stared and typed for four hours, trying to get my computer to make any noise. It didn’t make any noise. It was very inconsiderate. I couldn’t watch the next episode of Stranger Things.1 There are a hundred ways your computer can break and cause you to write a forum post titled “Arch linux no sound”. Hence if you have no sound in Arch linux, then searching “Arch linux no sound” will get you a hundred different solutions to attempt. That is how one can spend an evening.

If you know Arch well then please email me. Lukexmiles@gmail.com. Help.

  1. I could have but there would be no sound. I wanted to get caught up before the weekend, so Luci and I could watch the finale together on Saturday.

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