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How to Play Euchre (Part 2)

2016 September 19. Monday.

The deal

Whoever is left of the last dealer deals next. She shuffles all 24 cards and then gives each of the four players five cards by doing 2, 3, 2, 3, 3, 2, 3, 2 in a clockwise circle starting at her left. There should be four cards left. Flip the top one face up and put the stack in the middle.

Deciding the trump suit

Let’s say that person A is the dealer, and B is on A’s left, then C (A’s partner) is left of B, and D (B’s partener) is left of C. Finally, A is left of D. Persons A, B, C, D in a circle.

First B will look at the flipped card and decide whether or not he wants it to be trump suit. If a 9 of hearts is flipped and he has jack of hearts, jack of diamonds, and king of hearts, then he would want that to be trump. He would say “Pick it up.” and the dealer would pick it up and discard a card face-down. But if B chose to pass (by saying “Pass.” or knocking), then C would get a chance, then D, then A.

If nobody chooses to make it trump, then B can decide any suit (other than the original one) to declare as trump. If B has no good hand in any suit, then it passes around the circle.

If nobody picks a suit to be trump (very rare), then nobody gets any points and the next person deals.

Public Domain Dedication.