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How to Play Euchre

2016 September 17. Saturday.

There are already lots of good Euchre tutorials on the web, but I’ve never written something like this, so let’s do it.

Pronounciation and origin

Euchre is pronounced Yuke er. Or, my name is Luke and if I’m being annoying then I’m being a Luker, and that rhymes with Euchre.

I think it’s mainly popular in northeastern United States.


Euchre is a trick taking card game for exactly four players, two teams of two. To play a game, you keep playing rounds until one team has at least ten points. The first team to get ten points wins. Each round, one of the teams will get either 1 or 2 or 4 points.

Trick taking

Trick taking means that each person plays one card, and then the person who played the highest card takes all of them. Takes the trick. When everyone is out of cards, we say all the tricks have been played, and the team with more tricks wins the round and gets a point.

The first card played in a trick is the lead. Then, playing afterwards, you must follow the lead, follow the suit of the lead, if you have a card of that suit. Otherwise you may throw a card of any suit. So if I throw a diamond, and you also have some diamond cards, you must play one of them.


You just play with 9 through Ace. You set aside and don’t use the bottom half of the deck.

Looking at four cards on the table and trying to decide the highest one, you need two pieces of information: which suit was lead and which suit is trump. The ranking goes like this:

More to come…

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