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Squirrel in a Tree

2016 September 15. Thursday.

Usually I bicycle from my apartment to lecture. My bike’s rear brake stopped braking, so I’ve been walking instead for the past few days.

As I was walking home on maybe Saturday, I heard maybe a nut fall from a tree once, and then again a few seconds later. I stopped and watched the spot and every few seconds a nut would fall in the same place.

I looked up and didn’t see anything, so I backed up and kept looking around until I saw this:

a squirrel in a tree
a squirrel in a tree

A squirrel!

She was cracking the nuts. She collected a bunch of nuts over the day and she was now working on them all in one batch. That was a random nice surprise.


Two days later I saw nuts falling from the same tree and it was the same squirrel over on a different branch.

Then the next day I heard two things fall from a tree a few seconds apart and discovered another squirrel cracking nuts! I guess it’s that time of year.

This is something I’ve never known about before. The world has a lot of details I don’t notice.

Public Domain Dedication.