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Binge Read Locally

2016 September 13. Tuesday.

As opposed to binge reading/watching/listening something famous like Harry Potter or Breaking Bad or Welcome to Nightvale. Instead binge read content that people you know make.

This way you get to learn something about those people and you feel more connected with them. Also, if your friend makes chocolate-zucchini pie, you are much more likely to copy him than if some random person makes it. Your more likely to copy your friend who learns sax than Charlie Parker. So it’s more likely you will change somehow when you read your friend’s stuff instead of a famous person’s stuff.

Second, it’s generous. If your friends know that you are reading their stuff, they might have better follow through, keep the promises they made. Sometimes insightful comments can improve someone’s writing or music. Even if no improvement is made, it just feels good to know someone will read it.

So go and read that blog, check that github, watch those videos.

Public Domain Dedication.