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Acting Class 3

2016 September 11. Sunday.

What is this?

Notes on Friday’s acting class. Theatre 126. University of Kentucky. Fall 2016. Professor Matthew J Schneck. These notes are not proofread by anyone so watch out for mistakes.

More Door Conflict Resolution

In the last acting class post, I described this exercise where you have a scene that involves tension that’s resolved once you walk through a door. Twenty people are in the class, on Wednesday the first ten people went. On Friday we finished off.

The first lesson: don’t stay facing upstage. The audience wants to know what you’re thinking, and to do that they need to see your face.

Lesson two. If you are pretending that someone else is in the room and you are having a conversation with them, don’t repeat their lines. You see this on TV shows where the main character is on the phone: “No I don’t know where your keys are! … Hey don’t call me a jerk!”

Lesson three. If there is a handicapped person around, then it is not okay to take the only handicap stall.

Public Domain Dedication.