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Acting Class

2016 September 02. Friday.

Wednesday’s theatre 126 class at UKY:

We started with everyone laying on their backs stretching out and taking deep breaths. This makes us better at noticing our breaths and our spines, which helps during a performance, especially with vocalization. We all breathe-out hummed together, it felt very peaceful and unified.

Then we did an exercise called Count to Twenty. Still with everyone laying on their backs and eyes closed, we all counted from one to twenty in order. Each number was said by exactly one person, if two people accidentally say a number at the same time then we have to start over. It is supposed to be super tricky but we got lucky and successfully got all the way to twenty three times out of maybe six starts. More group unison, it felt awesome.

The main meat was this game called Three Patterns. A pattern is a category and an ordering of elements in that actegory over the people in the class. The first category was USA States. So person A gestures and says maybe Oregon to person B who then gestures and says Ohio to person C and so on until the last person gestures to the first. The second category was colors. The ordering of the people was different, so instead of it going A, B, C, D, A, it might have gone C, A, D, B, C. There were some great colors, I was angry red. The last category was celebrities and someone did an incredible Bernie Sanders. The game is called Three Patterns because once you have these three different patterns established, you try to get the group to go through all the chains at the same time. Hard to keep track of cues. Very fun.

Public Domain Dedication.