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Number-Getting Comfort Challenge

2016 February 19. Friday.

I am reading a certain book by Tim Ferriss and one of the exercises is the following two-day comfort challenge:

Being sure to maintain eye contact, ask for the phone numbers of at least two (the more you attempt, the less stressful it will be) attractive members of the opposite sex on each day. Girls, this means you’re in the game as well, and it doesn’t matter if you’re 50+. Remember that the real goal is not to get numbers, but to get over the fear of asking, so the outcome is unimportant. If you’re in a relationship, sign up to (or pretend to) gather information for Greenpeace. Just toss the numbers if you get them.

I succesfully did it with my (girl-)friend Luci; I asked hot gals and she asked hot guys, each totalling four asks and two actual numbers. I write about my experience.

I failed (meaning didn’t speak to my target) several times on my own before asking Luci to do the project with me. Luci then tried on her own and spent 20 minutes wandering around being too scared to talk to any hotties. She told Laney about it so they went together to conquer and spent 30 minutes walking around too scared for action.

Finally that night Luci and I went at the same time to get hotty numbers. I took a lap through the building and did nothing. She did a lap and got a number. I took a lap and got a number. She took a lap and got rejected. I took a lap and got rejected. We ended the night feeling super happy and powerful for asking two people each.

Then the next day (today) we did the exact same thing again with much less fear. We each got one number and one rejection, but Luci’s number also came with an invitation to Tuesday church (lol Kentucky)! We have conquered hotty-phone-number-getting.

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