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Thirty Days of Blogging

2016 February 05. Friday.

As a project, Luci Keller and I wrote a 200 words or longer blog post each day for 30 days. The project ran slightly long, the first post was published 2015-12-16 and the last post was published 2016-01-17. I think that reflection is key to extracting value from an experience, so here are some gathered thoughts:

Kinds of Posts

Recycled Material

Sometimes I didn’t get around to making a fresh post before midnight, so I would post something I’ve written before for school or whatever last second. I did this twice with cinderella, the RSA algorithm, Schnee Schtory, and homebrew.


On nights where I didn’t have any great ideas but had Time&Energy to write content, I would explain stuff. The posts about bananas, pomegranates, and lightning are pretty typical. Paint and feet turned out slightly differently in way that I like.


Lastly, my favorite posts (in reflection afterwards, but not always in creation) have big ideas that took effort from me. Some examples are my no day of no talk and reaching with the internet.

Public Domain Dedication.