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The Meatiness of an Activity

2016 February 02. Tuesday.

Originally written 2016-01-31

How to crochet a scarf:

Crochet is a meaty activity because most of your time is spent on the end goal productively. Crocheting weird patterns is less meaty than a scarf because you are interrupting yourself by googling things and getting confused and backtracking.

Some meaty activities:

Some less meaty activites:

The meatiness of an activity is subjective and meatiness doesn’t correlate with usefulness. Programming is extremely useful but low meat and binge watching is worthless but high meat. Instead, I think meatiness shows stickability. The more you feel like you are making steady progress with the best method available (it is frustrating to look back and see that you could have done something in one hour instead of ten), the easier it is to do day after day.

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Update 2016-02-02

Max William’s emailed what he thought:

What you want changes the meatval considerably. I’ll use oxgangs as units, oxgang is sigmoid of percent. For instance, backpacking can be a very high oxgang if you enjoy walking and preparing food in the woods, but if the only thing you enjoy is taking stunning pictures, a backpacking trip could have an oxgang like -70. Or math, if you like learning math, its all meat, but if you like finding interesting things, you’ll be quite hungry.

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