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2016 January 13. Wednesday.

How do you turn socks inside out? When I am feeling adult-like and good-postured I reach my hand in and grab the tip and pull it all the way through. Most of the time though I flip it out a little bit with grab and pull, and then shake/spin to finish.



The scientific name is Prunus persica. Nectarines are peaches too. You call a peach a nectarine if it isn’t fuzzy.


Instead of letting trees have sex, they graft a peach tree branch onto a sapling to make peach trees. This is more reliable for getting tasty peaches. I think it would be cool if they let 10% of their trees grow from sex and maybe the random mutations would be surprising but desirable.

A peach variety is called either clingstone or freestone, depending on if the core can be plucked out or latches on to the flesh.

Harvesting peaches is kind of like picking apples:


I like to take a large kitchen knife, cut to the core without breaking it, slide in a circle around the perimeter, twist the peach in half, pluck out the core, fill the inside with whipped cream, and eat the whole thing like a popcorn ball.

Public Domain Dedication.