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2016 January 11. Monday.

Some random thoughts on hair and practicalness and beauty:

Short vs Long

Short means buzz cut. Long means shoulder length.

Short hair fits in helmets and hats, dries faster, and never gets knotted. These conveniences might be worth giving up for the flexibility of long hair. Long hair can be braided or bunned or ponytailed, trimmed in different shapes, have tips dyed and cut off later, and is fun for flipping.

Girls should not be afraid to have super short hair. Boys should not be afraid to have super long.

Straight vs Curly

Most styling options available to long hair-ers are easier done on straight hair; straight hair is easier to work with. However, if a someone wakes up with tossed and rough hair, then curly hair hides it - sometimes makes it look good - while long hair looks awful.

This is less of a choice then length, but still can be controlled.


Dying is hardly an option for black hair, but blondes get to make this choice.

Non-natural colors (blue, pink, stripes) stand out much more. Is standing out what you want? Some think weird hair colors show immaturity/rebel/etc, but I saw a 50-year-old woman running a gluten free bakery who had pink half shaved hair, and I respect her.


Whatever you decide I suggest deciding it alone during reflection, instead of while chatting with friends where approval etc are distracting you from your decision.

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