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2016 January 10. Sunday.

A plum is a fruit.
A subgenus of Prunus.
Which also contains:
peaches, cherries, bird cherries.

Mature plums shining,
from their natural wax shield.
It does not stop me.
Wax is icing for my plum.

Dried plum is called prune,
but prunes might be different plum.
And that plum may have
come later than our wet plums.

Common Kroger plums
grow on five meter plum trees.
Could be twelve meters
if we did not prune the trees.

The plum trees blossom
in different months in far places.
April in UK;
January in Taiwan.

The taste of the plum
ranges from sweet to tarty.
The skin is very
tart, the tartest part in fact.

Plums and prunes are known
for making you go poo.
From the fiber and
sorbital and isatin.

Tasty pickled plums
are big in Asian cuisine,
and especially
in Japan for sour rice balls.

But again names lie.
Japanese pickled plums are
more like apricots.
Umeboshi still yummy.

When the tree flowers,
if it is a good season,
half of the flowers
get pollinated and fruit.

If weather is dry,
plums will fall as small green buds,
never seeing life.
Better than getting brown rot.


Buy a plum and eat it.

Public Domain Dedication.