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2016 January 08. Friday.

Feet! They come in many shapes and colors and most people have two!

Toenail Length/Shape

Some feet have tiny toenails that float in the middle of the toe. Others have broad toenails that stretch from halfway past the last knuckle to where the toe turns down. My toenails are kind of broad-ish, but I know someone (Tori Hampton) who is micro toenails that fall off sometimes!

Heel Skin

This can be very thick and yellowed and without nerves or soft and rest-of-skin-colored and delicate depending on how much you abuse your feet. I am barefoot mostly indoors, so my feet are on the soft side. I saw a video of some barefoot mountain-hikers and they had golden armor feet.

Also, occasionally this skin will peel in layers. It is unlike any other skin peeling.

Webbed Toes

Most people have their toe crotches go deep enough so that the top knuckle of your index toe can be moved away from the top knuckle of your middle toe. My brother Charlie has pretty webbed index-middle toes, like this (wikipedia):

Webbed Toes
Webbed Toes

The technical term is syndactyly. In a sentence:

Her feet have been affected by syndactyly.


Look at your own feet. How big are your toenails? How tough are your heels? Are they peeling? Do your toe crotches run deep deep deep?

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