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Trip to Italy!

2016 January 05. Tuesday.

(written 2016-01-05|23:25|CET)

I arrived in Italy about 8 hours ago, I’m with a group of size 25 from my school. So far very fun.


Strangers are incredible! They are just like you and I!

I met a Japanese elementary school teacher named Keiko. She’s the one with the dark hair:


I was trying to get some good stranger interaction while in the Amsterdam airport (airports are awesome for this because there are tons of interesting people you never see again) and I ended up talking to her for two hours (!) mostly about language and travel. We also played the improv game fortunately-unfortunately. She doesn’t think that she’s fluent in English, but I think she is.

I wanted to grab some audio but I was worried that would kill conversation. :(

Long Exposure City Shot

I set my camera to take a long exposure while the plane was whizzing by the bright cities. I think the result is neat:

City Streaks
City Streaks

Looking Forward

The group is focused on sight-seeing, but I’m more excited about talking to people. I’d really like to sing with an Italian guitarist and put it on a YouTube video. Motivation is always higher at the start of a trip, so I should keep this up.

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