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Reaching People with the Internet

2016 January 03. Sunday.

(Idea stolen from Seth Godin.)

I emailed Dr Larson at University of Louisville with a revised version of his real analysis book - I added a table of contents. Surprisingly, he actually put my version up. You can go to NYU’s faculty page and email any professor. If your email is good, you will likely get a response. You’ve just made a connection.

A lot of people think the internet is amazing because now you can find your grandmother or former friends in yet another way. A much bigger deal is the ability to connect with humans that were previously extremely inaccessible.

Try it yourself! Unless the person is extremely famous, you can email or tweet authors, musicians, programmers, speakers, bloggers…

Connecting with one new person from every state would be a good 50 day project. More exciting: Connect with one person from the 30 most populated countries.

Public Domain Dedication.