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Water Bottles

2016 January 02. Saturday.

I have owned and used many a water bottle. Sometimes they sit in my room, sometimes they move with me between classes, sometimes I use them on hikes, bikes, runs, or walks. Different situations demand different kinds of water bottles - a hiking water bottle can be bigger and worsely shaped than a running water bottle - but there are common desirable traits.


A clear bottle allows you to see how much water is left, how clean it is, and if your water is actually powerade.

Rigid vs Squeezable

Squeezable containers are way more fun and convenient to drink from, but squeeze into your backpack if your pack is squeezed. Rigid containers usually also have slow screw lids or straws instead of pop-off or pop-out.

This one really depends on your needs.

Plastic vs Metal

Ignoring squeezability, let’s consider flavor. I always fill my bottles from tap, so I don’t know about filtered water differences.


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