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2015 December 30. Wednesday.

I still don’t have internet!

shower faucets

It’s hard to figure out which way is hot. It might be clockwise, anticlockwise, in, out, up, down, or inside-out. Even worse, to test out a guess you have to stand in too hold or too hot water for up to ten minutes.

the word ‘have’

I have to take out the trash.

That means I must take it out.

I have a cat.

That means I own a cat.

I have eaten the jelly.

I already ate the jelly.

What the heck?! Why does english sometimes do silly things like this?

understanding the board game pandemic

Board game, not mobile or web.

Fun but frustrating. Four players (ideally) take turns in a circle and they fight united against the game. The game map is a graph of major world cities. (So New York is connected to London, Washington, and Montreal.) Diseases randomly pop up in different cities, but if a city reaches a critical infection percentage, (3 cubes) then it OUTBREAKS and all the connected cities get another cube. If you have a bunch of connected cities all one below the threshold, then one can outbreak and it spreads to the neighboring cities. Distaster!

The game wins if you have more than seven total outbreaks or if a disease spreads so much that you run out of cubes to lay down. The players win if they collect five cards of each color. There are five colors and you randomly get two cards, whatever collor they happen to be. But five of the same color have to be in the same person’s hand and trading is really hard! It’s made easier by the research specialist…

The research specialist is one of the player cards. It makes trading easier. There is also the necromancer and the medic and the operations specialist and some others. There’s also a thing called research stations…

critique of pandemic

Fun, difficult, good for groups, but probably not well designed! There are too many kinds of things. It starts complicated and there’s a ton of stuff to keep track of.

A well built game is Go. Things start simple and a complex strategy emerges as a mathematical consequence. Also, Go needs way fewer expensive plastic pieces.


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