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My Google Drive Linux Sync Experience

2015 December 25. Friday.

Merry christmas Penny Lambda readers!

Google Drive is awesome. Their web interface is fast and usable and their pricing is silly - $2 per month for 100 GB could storage. There’s also a sweet android app for syncing and a desktop application for Windows and OS X.

But I run linux!

Although there isn’t an official Google-made linux app, there are a bunch of different mortal-made ones. THEY ARE ALL TERRIBLE!

Desirable Specs:
I want to sync specific folders on my computer with specific folders in google drive. If I change a file on my computer then the same change immediately happens on backup. Furthermore, I don’t want to download the entire drive - with every photo I’ve ever taken - on my computer to sync my text-files folder.


Duplicati has a good UI and exactly the features I want, but is outdated on the connecting-to-internet part (Google changed their API) and hence is useless.


Awesome looking piece of software. I build golang from source, and enter go get -u github.com/odeke-em/drive/cmd/drive. The computer pauses for a few seconds and seems excited, but nothing happens. I try different versions of drive and reinstall golang, but universe say no.


It works! But it wants to copy over every single thing on my drive before I can sync my text files.


Same as gdrive. :(



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