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Crochet and Other Repetitive Things

2015 December 23. Wednesday.

Crochet is like knitting, except you only have one needle and that needle is hooked instead of straight. Twenty focused hours are enough to learn most crochet algorithms - for making granny squares, gloves, spheres/hats - but there are weird things that you could spend more time learning.

I’ve spent thirty hours or so crocheting. It’s very easy and relaxing… compared to say, computer programming. After a few minutes of crochet, I have a rhythm down and can proceed smoothly for the next hour. In programming, the problem is foreign and difficult and requires creative thought and I might sit down for an hour and make no progress.

A similar thing happens with classes and self-learning. Classes are easy, but reliable - I’m guaranteed some amount of knowledge gain. Self-learning makes me understand something much faster and deeper, but is inconsistent because my motivation is inconsistent.

Difficult and important tasks can be made less daunting by pushing them into 30-day projects. That’s my strategy at the moment.

(Also, anyone else notice that ‘repetitive’ is a repetitive word? reh-peh-tih-tihv, reh-peh-tih-tihv)

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