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A Case for Fewer Things

2015 December 17. Thursday.

My current room has a only folding table, a wooden chair, a twin bed, and a single, shallow, standing shelf. I want to replace the twin bed with a roll-up sleeping pad; then I could put the table and the pad against the shelf and have an almost empty room; also without a standing bed, stuff doesn’t build up underneath it.

I don’t have a trash can, I just throw my trash away outside the room.

Having a really clean, non-cluttered space is makes me feel free and limber. It’s better for dancing, too

In 1973 the median square footage of a newly built single-family house was 1660 square feet. In 2013, it was 2679 square feet. That is more than a 60% increase! And the average humans per household has decreased! (Although I don’t know about which families are moving into the new houses.)

A larger house:

As an exercise, try good-willing a shirt you haven’t worn in years or a dresser that is half-blocking your closet door. Think about how lightweight you feel when you travel or are camping. You could feel like that 24/7!


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