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Elementary School Thought

2015 December 11. Friday.

I just remembered a thought I had along time to go (like second grade):

I played a lot of flash games on AddictingGames. I also had satellite internet. Consequently, I interacted with and watched a lot of loading screens:

loading screens
loading screens

(Can you guess what that is from?)

I also watched Fairly Odd Parents. There is a character named Trixie who has rich parents and is popular and so on. I imagined that she had really fast internet and hence she would never even see the cool loading screens. Then I thought she would use her influence to artificially create a slow internet connection to make things load slower. Then I thought about how this would be done.

I often act as if my entire life I have had the values I do now and that I’ve enjoyed and spent time on what I do now. This is incorrect. Past me is someone who is seperate and interesting (and hopefully less wise) and important to who I am now and I cannot pretend that he doesn’t exist.

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