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Balancing Skillz

2015 November 02. Monday.

There are a lot of activities I’ve spent between 5 and 500 hours on:

But I’m not really an expert in any of them, especially blogging. When I ask specific people for advice on life etc (without posing this exact question) they often say to make sure I keep doing activity X. I email a CS person about jobs etc and he replies to make sure I keep programming and thinking about tech every day. I ask my friend’s mom who does fabric and she says that crocheting is important. I ask my math prof and she says that being resilient and consistent in mathematics is the most important.

I can’t do all of them!


flustered dog
flustered dog

Source: http://www.neatorama.com/pet/2015/07/16/Denver-The-Guilty-Dog-Cant-Growl-Without-Sneezing/

Public Domain Dedication.