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Pushing Out Content

2015 August 06. Thursday.

Post #2, exciting!

When one tries to start a major change, it can feel forced at first. A friend said:

I used to be a very negative person. One day, I transferred to a new school and had to make new friends. I thought this could be achieved by being nicer. So when someone made a funny-ish joke I made myself really laugh. When someone waved at me I shoved my hand back in the air after them. Eventually it became habit and now I’ve tricked everyone into thinking I’m nice.

I also think that excessive planning is a really bad idea. You would have gained more by attempting to build a toaster then you did from googling toaster blueprints and reading a book about toaster engineering.

So that is why I am pushing this post even though it feels forced. In doing this I will (1) make it feel more natural and (2) get better at it.


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