Luke Miles


I’m a compsci undergrad at the University of Kentucky in Lexington. I’ve spent most of my time here trying to help professors with their research, but I’m taking this spring semester to learn and build skills, without pressure or deadlines. (Except for making a small touch-screen game for pigeons with Thomas Zentall) I’m putting a lot of energy into solving the exercises in Structure and Interpretation of Computer Programs with a couple other undergrads, under the direction of Raphael Finkel. I’ll also be spending my summer programming for him, implementing machine learning algorithms for use in materials research.

My email address is
If you want to send me something important that should be encrypted, then you can use my PGP public key.

Last year, I worked for Judy Goldsmith and I helped her and Cory Siler write a paper and I presented it along with the hedonic game simulator at ADT 2017.

Most code I write, I put on my GitHub, qpwo. Most of my projects are libre licensed, so you can use them, modify them, and distribute them as you please.

My blog is Penny Lambda. Sixty of those posts exist because my girlfriend Luci Keller and I challenged each other to blog every day for thirty days (twice). I highly recommend this talk by UKY alumn Matt Cutts on why you should try something new for thirty days.

My Medium is 121212, where I write summaries/notes on some of the books I read.

My Flickr is razorsunburn. If I travel somewhere, then I put the photos there. I drew an animal every day for thirty days and uploaded scans of the drawings. If you want a drawing from me, you can commission one.

When I was in high school, I made some YouTube videos with my highscoolmates and published them under the name Gonjo Gonjo. Luci and I also each made a video every day for thirty days.

A few of my favorite people who also have websites: