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Brain Crack is Real

2015 December 18. Friday.

Have tons of good ideas just right now you don’t have the resources to enact them? But you want to stock up on good ideas for when you do have the resources? You are addicted to Brain Crack.

A ways back I found a cool instructable that required some garage tools I don’t have. I thought “I’ll have those tools once I’m back on campus. That’s on August 19th! I might forget by then so I’ll just right this down.”

Now I have a text file with around 15 really cool practical workshop project ideas. The only one I’ve done is Penny Rollers (as seen in a previous post).

I used to not believe in Brain Crack. I thought it was just something inspiring from classic Ze that I was immune to, but I got addicted without even knowing it.


How could I let this happen? Same thing happened with videos.

Even though I try to make big and direct changes, I end up pushing off my best ideas until they don’t excite me anymore. Acting crappily is so much better than thinking well.

There are a lot of people had the idea for Ebay or those segways that don’t have handles, but an idea is worthless compared to a small action towards a goal.

Exercise: Find an easy idea (a recipe, a story, a video, a gadget) you have written on a notebook or something and do it.

Public Domain Dedication.