Luke Miles


Hi! My name is Luke Harold Miles. I am an undergraduate at the University of Kentucky in Lexington where I try to help Dr Judy Goldsmith with her research. What we do mostly falls under the field of Computational Social Choice.

I love getting emails. My email is .


My blog is Penny Lambda, where everything I write instantly goes into the public domain. Sixty of those posts exist because my girlfriend Luci Keller and I challenged each other to blog every day for thirty days (twice).

My Medium is 121212, where I write notes on some of the books I read.

My GitHub is qpwo. If I write any code that's potentially useful to others, then I put it there. This website is itself hosted on GitHub.

My Flickr is razorsunburn. If I travel somewhere, then I put the photos there. I drew an animal every day for thirty days and uploaded scans of the drawings. If you want a drawing from me, you can commission one.

When I was in high school, I made some YouTube videos with my highscoolmates and published them under the name Gonjo Gonjo. Luci and I also each made a video every day for thirty days.